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International Students: Why They Matter and How to Recruit Them
Most colleges and universities recognize the importance of providing a globally-oriented education. Abroad studies and faculty exchange programs have continuously risen for decades. It is why students from various cultures and nationalities are interested to visit our country. These burgeoning trend lines connecting countries and cultures were disrupted before the pandemic. Our goal at Change Resource & Support Services is to bridge the gap in international recruitment and provide a streamlined process for colleges and universities to recruit students from overseas.

There are important reasons for encouraging the enrollment of international students on our campuses. To name a few:

  1. We educate them about our country and deliver their impressions about us in their homes.
  2. Our global orientation claims will have more credibility if we bring voices from abroad to our classrooms.
  3. American students will benefit from the perspectives of students from different cultures.

We are focused on student recruitment in specializations such as:

  • Social Work
  • Family and Marriage Counseling
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Substance Abuse Disorder

We partner with accredited schools both home and abroad, educational verification institutes, and several government agencies to help make the transition seamless. Our international placements receive student support services to help make the transition as easy as possible. We work with the schools on accommodation, work-study programs, licensing, and accreditation to ensure the visa application process is smooth and hitch-free.

For more information on our International Student Recruitment Program, kindly contact our student recruitment representative at We will be in touch promptly.