Changing lives, restoring hopes one family at a time since 2002 

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Change Health Systems, Inc. is a community-based wellness center that is dedicated to the overall well-being of individuals and families in the communities it serves. Our services are provided with the utmost sense of duty, compassion and cultural relevance. We are strategically located and positioned in Baltimore City and Washington Counties.

We provide services for adults, adolescents, and children in the Baltimore Metropolitan and the Washington areas. One of our strategic means of achieving our goal is through our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program which we call Pathway to Wellness.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and promote self-awareness through supportive, educational, and therapeutic interventions.

Our Vision

To provide our clients with the support that they need to cope with their mental and behavioral health problems. We also strive to work with them in realizing their potentials and guiding them to help them find resolutions to their issues.

Our Values

  • C – Caring, Collaboration, Compassion, Confidentiality, Consistency, Clients, Community
  • H – Honesty, Hope, Holistic, Health
  • A – Accessible, Available, Assurance, Accountability, Attitude
  • N – Need, Necessity, Non – Judgmental
  • G – Growth, Good Documentation
  • E – Efficiency, Empathy, Erudition, Extraordinary Service, Excellence

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone, if given the proper support, everyone has a chance to change their lives for the better. This is why we are here. We collaborate with our clients to help them find the best ways for them to find the road to better lives.

Our Organization

Change Health Systems, Inc. is a community-based wellness center that has been serving the Baltimore and DC metropolitan area since 2002. In line with our vision, we are partners in facilitating and sustaining positive community development where all individuals can attain their full potential and well-being. Our team consists of compassionate and culturally competent professionals, who share a deep commitment to advancing the behavioral health and wellness of the clients that we serve.

Our History

Our history at Change Health Systems, Inc. dates to 2002 and was birthed out of a passion to provide a community-based approach to behavioral health treatment in a culturally conducive and compassionate atmosphere.

Founded by Israel Ojo, a social worker by training, Change Health Systems, Inc started as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program catering to adults and children in the Baltimore Area. Soon afterward, the scope of the needs of its clients expanded beyond the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program and two years after its program soon expanded to include outpatient mental health service. The organizations have since partnered with several private organizations, Schools Systems, and government agencies to provide a wide range of services.

Meet the Team

We take pride in working with our dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping individuals in managing their mental health issues. They are well-trained in various types of counseling and therapy and are experienced in assisting different individuals in coping with their behavioral health problems. They collaborate with their clients in formulating treatment plans and ensure that they play an active role in managing their issues. Get to know them better by reading their bios. 
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  • Address: 2401 Liberty Heights Ave., Suite 4670 Baltimore, Maryland 21215
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday (8:00 am – 7:00 pm)
  • Contact Details: Tel No. 410-233-1088


  • Address: 7 N Potomac Street, Suite 101 & 102 Hagerstown, MD 21740
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday (8:00 am – 6:00 pm)
  • Contact Details: Tel No. 240-420-1850


  • Address: (Across the street from Lexington Market) Entrance on North Entrance Street
    300 W Lexington Street Baltimore, MD 21201
  • Contact Details: Tel No. 410-237-7088